Mutliroom Audio & Video Systems

Distributed Audio and Video ( also known as Multiroom Audio & Video) is as the name suggests, its the method of distributing audio & video throughout a home or facility usually originating from a singular source point.

Technology to do this has been around for quite some time. It has only been recently that consumers have access to a large magnitude of options and control that is available.. Today!

We can distribute your entire CD collections, streaming platforms, I devices, and almost any other source you can think of to any room in your home or facility to any audio or video devices available.

Today’s switches, amplifiers, and control systems allow us to remotely access any audio or video devices from a keypad, remote, tablet display and many more options

Recent Audio & Video Systems Installed by
The Sensory Dispensary

Multiroom Audio

Distributed audio can be installed in varies different ways and utilized in many different ways. The rooms or facility you wanted distributed audio installed in, and how you want to listen to your audio can determine the overall type of system and speakers you want installed. 

Distributed Video

Distributed video is a fantastic solution for hospitality business’s and even in your home, especially if you highly virtually active and need real-time access to to whatever you desire, in any room, look no further.


“The Sensory Dispensary was recommended to me by fellow Idols judge and Audiophile Randall Abrahams. Who was I to argue? They did a terrific job on my home AV system and now I can never listen to or watch anything on sub-standard stuff again.”
“The Sensory Dispensary provides an utterly professional service. Having known Neil Zasman for almost two decades, I can quite honestly say that he continues to provide an experienced ear coupled with a healthy knowledge of all the latest developments in the two channel and surround sound audio and video enviroments.