It’s our belief that a system is more than just the components. It’s an expression of the owner and the people who design and install it. From simple installations to whole house solutions, we strive to make our system easy to use with the end-user always in mind.

We give special attention to our customer’s needs and how their system will integrate with their lifestyle, requirements and environment. It is our belief that your system must easy to use so that it can be enjoyed to it’s fullest.

The Sensory Dispensary is a consultancy which draws on a network of resources offering the finest home entertainment products/home automation products, services and technology.

Based in Sandton, Johannesburg. Our installation staff includes designers, installers and IT specialists. We can work directly with you the client on any and all trade involved on the projects. Our experience in both the Residential and Commercial trades allows us the flexibility to be of service in a variety of projects.

From the pre-wire phase of a new home for distributed audio/video, a custom home theatre in an existing home or the installation of a corporate Multi-Media system, we have the products and the experience to provide systems that will satisfy the most discerning client’s needs. You can traust the professionals at The Sensory Dispensary to ensure that your project is completed to your satisficatio, on time and on a budget.

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Neil Zasman has made a career out of sharing his passion for music and movies. The Sensory Dispensary, his custom electronic design’s and installation company, now enables homeowners to experience the best of both and so much more in the finest, most luxurious atmosphere possible. Aside from enhancing  a client’s lifestyle, his company’s services can also significantly increase the value of the property .

The Sensory Dispensary works with a number of leading entertainment-technology brands, therby providing customers with unlimited entertainment options.

It’s highly skilled employees are constantly trained in this evolutionary field to keep us with developing technologies, offering the industry’s finest technical expertise and customer services in the industry. They can also install systems discreetly, utilizing options such as retractable televisions and ‘”invisible'”speakers to preserve-if not enhance a rooms aesthetic integrity.

The Sensory Dispensary team of designers and engineers work directly with clients to create the right experience fro each customer, from custom-installed convertible theaters that double as living spaces to dedicated luxury theaters, from high definition TV’s to multi-room music, from home networks to closed circuit TV’s. More importantly, The sensory Dispensary integrates them all into one easy-to-use, family-friendly control system designed to each clients specific requirements.

Our success has been based on the knowledge gained from many years of experience in the industry together with a, personalized services and a obvious passion for what we do. As as result of this approach The Sensory Dispensary has established an increasingly loyal and highly satisfied client base.

The Sensory Dispensary is the local distributor of Meridian Auido which are designed and manufactured in the UNited Kingdom and who have been the leaders in the industry for 30 years in the field of digital audio and cinema systems.


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